SILT: Mark Cuban Reads

S.I.L.T. = Stuff I Learned Today :)

1.  Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks – the champs!) reads for hours a day. He said so at his blog.  His wife doesn’t like all that time he spends reading.  He reads even more than me.  I gotta step it up!

silt - dvd burner thanks mom

Thanks Mom!

2.  My Mom had gift cards to Best Buy.  I say “had” because she let us use them.  I mentioned that we were going to buy a DVD burner and she said that she had 2 Best Buy gift cards she wasn’t going to use because she never goes there.  So she gave us the gift cards and we didn’t have to pay for the burner and stack of DVD-Rs we bought today.  Love my mom!

3.  When breading chicken, salad dressing is a tasty choice for the liquid you dip the pieces of chicken in so the breading sticks.  We used Ranch and Red Vinaigrette, but heard Caesar and Italian work well too.

4.  Ritz crackers make a great breading for chicken breasts!

5.  Most yogurts available at grocery stores like Sack N Save are not that great.  Most have less than 30% DV calcium and lots of ingredients that aren’t just “yogurt.”  So I bought Yoplait which had the most at 50% DV for calcium, but it’s still not “just yogurt” kind of yogurt.

6.  I need a new motherboard for my desktop :( , but my brother-in-law is taking care of it for me. :)

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