My Shoe Deal with the Kids

kids shoes deals - Nike

One of our Ross buys. Brand new Nikes $9.99.

Just the other day we bought 2yo DS new shoes because, even though we just bought him new shoes for his birthday 3 months ago, those don’t fit anymore!

In the process we also realized that ALL the kids needed new shoes, not just our 2yo.  I’m not sure what the kids do with their shoes, but both our 7yo and 4yo managed to break the shoes we bought them earlier this year.  Like the soles of their shoes started separating from the rest of the shoe and not just a little bit, a lotta bit.  Their shoes weren’t just “talking,” they were screaming at the top of their lungs.

toddler shoesSo off to Ross we went looking for shoes.  Hey, when you have to buy 5+ pairs, you really don’t feel like paying full retail price.  Well, at least I don’t.  :D

Thankfully, between Ross and Walmart, we found some nice shoes the kids liked and managed to keep the total price for 6 pairs under $100.  Not the most economical shoes shopping we’ve ever done, but the last time I went really cheap, shoes broke fast so let’s see what happens this time.

There is one major difference however…

This time I made a deal with the kids…
Whoever takes best care of their shoes gets 2 pairs next time we go shoe shopping.  They all sounded quite excited about that!

Wordless Wednesday – Bargain Shoes, Sure Didn’t Pay $100

It’s been two years since I bought shoes.  I’ve been looking for a new pair for a while.  I just never saw anything I liked so much I was willing to pay what was on the price tag.  Then this weekend, I saw this pair pictured below.  The original retail price on the tag and on the shoe box was $100.00.  We paid $39.99 which is the lowest price I saw on any non-generic shoe during my shoe search!  Plus the colors weren’t offensive and I actually kinda wanted a pair of these ziggy-zaggy Reebok shoes.  :)

New Reebok Zig Shoes

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