Vi Shakes = No More Candy Bar Binges

body by vi shakeSo after my first trimester of my stomach getting really upset with me if I ate junks, this second trimester has been full of junk food binges.  I knew it was bad the day I ate two candy bars before breakfast (or maybe more like, for breakfast), and I also happened to go shopping for some shorts that would fit me that same day. 

Talk about a reality check!

Not only did I not fit into the shorts sizes I expected to fit into, but I was in the dressing room at one of the stores trying on shorts and got a good look at my arms!

I don’t know if it was the lighting that dressing room or what, but the image I saw staring back at me from the mirror was NOT at all flattering to my arms.  I know my legs get fat during pregnancy, but my arms?  My arms are not supposed to look like that. My first thought was, “Why didn’t you tell me my arms were getting fat?” (mentally directed at my husband).

I couldn’t believe it.  No shape. No muscle in sight.  My arms were actually getting flabby looking.  NOT cool!

That was it.  From that day on it was a little easier to say NO to candy, but I still found myself eating maybe one a day plus drinking a soda or a coffee here and there.

Well, over this long Veteran’s Day weekend with APEC traffic issues going on (which means we weren’t going anywhere unless we absolutely had to), I decided to make myself a Body by Vi Shake Friday morning.  It was delicious as expected, but I’d gone away from making them because I usually don’t feel like messing with getting everything out and putting the stuff into the blender.  That must sound ridiculously lazy I know, but since we were having a lazy weekend at home and there were lots of hands to help keep baby boy busy while I messed with the blender, I decided to just do it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my strawberry banana shake that morning!  I made it with soy milk and threw in some non-fat frozen yogurt, frozen strawberries with the Body by Vi Shake Mix and banana flavored mix-in.  Such a yummy way to start off the day.

Later that day I realized I didn’t have the constant urge to snack and eat. Interesting.

Then Saturday we woke up to another relaxing day at home and I decided to make a shake while we were waiting for breakfast (the kids were making it!).  Again, that day I noticed zero urge to go looking for candy or junk food or ice cream even though I do have candy bars and ice cream right there in the fridge, on hand, ready to go.  Very interesting.

On Sunday, I decided to try it once more.  This time I skipped the strawberries and just threw the chocolate flavor mix-in into my shake (with some frozen yogurt, soy milk, and Body by Vi Shake Mix).  Ohhhhh – sooooo goood!  Totally hit the sweet spot for me that morning.

Again, no urges throughout the day to go hunting for junk food.  I’ve been so bad about that all second tri.  I’ve been trying to tell myself to cut back, but it was so hard.  Just the thought of a candy bar had me jonesing.

Seems as though substituting a delicious Body by Vi Shake is seriously curbing my desire for unhealthy sweets.  Thank goodness!  :)

Hopefully, this is the just start, my first baby step, to consuming more useful and more healthy calories in my day.  Heaven knows I’ve gained enough junk food weight this pregnancy and I still have 4 months to go.  Change is needed and Body by Vi Shakes are making it MUCH easier! It sure wasn’t working to just tell myself that I needed to cut back or that I didn’t really want to be adding on this much “fat” weight.

Many times the easiest way to cut out an unhealthy eating habit is to replace it with a healthier alternative!

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