Why Body by Vi? 7 Reasons I’m Giving it a Shot

Body by Vi ShakesThe Body by Vi Challenge is something I keep hearing about over and over again through social media sites. People are not only talking about the money making opportunity but about the PRODUCTS themselves and how great they are.

If you’re like us, mom isn’t the only one who gains weight during pregnancy. After baby #5, my husband and I committed to that crazy P90X workout program and got into GREAT shape!  Right at the end of our 90 days, we found out we were expecting baby #6.  That was great news, but as usual, we fell off the nutrition and exercise wagon and both gained weight.  Obviously, I had a good reason, but still.

After baby #6 came, life was really crazy. We had a number of major changes going on in our lives that year and nutrition and exercise really took a back seat to “life.”

Needless to say, we’re both as heavy as we were back before we did P90X. That totally stinks!

We finally decided that we really need to get back on track.  First we got back to exercising, but after a few weeks, my husband started working 12 hour shifts, sometimes during the day, sometimes during the night.  We are not used to this type of schedule!  Plus our kids all went back to school and our oldest started running cross country AND started playing with a new softball team which practices in the late afternoon.   This means that twice a week, we don’t get home until around 10:00pm.

It’s already a challenge for us to exercise and eat healthier as a family, but with schedules changing, our family not being together for most meals, and not being home AT ALL between picking up the kids from school in the afternoon and 10:00 at night on some days…it’s hella tough to exercise and eat healthy all the time.

Oh, and these 12 hour shifts my husband is working for 6-7 days a week are not spent behind a desk.  He has a physically demanding job, so not only does he need “good fuel” for his body for basic health reasons, he also needs it to keep his energy up through his long work day.

This is were the Body by Vi Challenge fit in perfectly. I finally took a good look at it and I decided to give it a shot because…

  1. People seem to LOVE it (as evidenced by all the stories I see on twitter and facebook).
  2. Many are reporting awesome weight loss AND energy results.
  3. I need something quick, easy, and effective with our crazy family schedule.
  4. I want something that will help my husband not only with his weight, but with getting good fuel into his body to keep his energy up so he can stay safe during his long work hours.
  5. The cost is more than reasonable.  Breakfast for my husband with Vi Shakes works out to just $1.65. That’s so much better than McDonald’s or some other fast food drive thru breakfast in so many ways.
  6. They say the shakes tastes like cake. I like cake.  I want to try it for myself to see if that’s true.  I promise to come back and let you know.
  7. The Vi Shakes are SAFE for pregnant and lactating women!!!  This is a BIG one for me.  Most things you find that are supposed to help with nutrition, weight loss, and health end up not being recommended for pregnancy and nursing women.  Do you know how much of a bummer it is to find something you like, something that improves your health, then not be able to continue when you’re pregnant?  During a time when you want to be even more healthy that before?  Not cool!So when I heard that the Vi Shakes were a great and safe way for pregnant and nursing mamas to get added nutrition during their day, I was ALL IN.  Then I read about a vegetarian pregnant mom who started drinking these shakes in addition to her regular meals.  Not only was it a nice sweet treat, but she loved the extra energy it gave her to keep up with her overactive toddler while pregnant!  Other moms have even recommended it for those who struggle keeping anything down during morning sickness.

I’m so super excited about this and can’t wait for the Balance Kit I ordered to come in.  Plus I can’t wait to try the shakes to see if they actually taste like cake.  :)

I even ordered a sample pack of the different flavors you can add to your shake and am super curious to see which ones we’ll like best.  They offer Strawberry, Chocolate, Orange, Banana, and Peach!  I’m wondering if I can put both the Strawberry and the Banana one in to make it taste like Strawberry Banana, my favorite smoothie flavor.

Anyway, I promise to let you know how it goes and what I think.  If you want more information now, please visit my site to see what Vi can do for you.  Here’s a healthier, happier YOU!


  1. Sophie says:

    just curious if you tried it and if you liked it?! Was it like eating cake? ;) And were you nursing? Im nursing so Im nervous about trying it…

  2. Jen says:

    I googled safe to use while breastfeeding and this popped up…what kind of results did you get and is it safe to use while breastfeeding? Thanks!

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