Wordless Wednesday – Bargain Shoes, Sure Didn’t Pay $100

It’s been two years since I bought shoes.  I’ve been looking for a new pair for a while.  I just never saw anything I liked so much I was willing to pay what was on the price tag.  Then this weekend, I saw this pair pictured below.  The original retail price on the tag and on the shoe box was $100.00.  We paid $39.99 which is the lowest price I saw on any non-generic shoe during my shoe search!  Plus the colors weren’t offensive and I actually kinda wanted a pair of these ziggy-zaggy Reebok shoes.  :)

New Reebok Zig Shoes


  1. Nice! I love thrift shopping or going to places like Ross. I can’t imagine going to a name brand store and paying full price when there are so many great deals out there. :)

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