"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"
-- Dr. Suess

Aloha and welcome to Crazy Mom Life! My name is Stacie and I'm a big family mama on a journey of letting go of other's opinions and doing more and more of what works for me and my family.

Wanna join me? We can get real together :)

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3 Simple Money Saving Tips for Stay at Home Moms

3 Money Saving Tips for Stay at Home Moms
I don’t know about you, but big family life can sure get hectic around here.  Between household errands, kids activities, parent activities, there’s a lot going on!  That’s one area that can cause extra spending if I don’t pay attention.

One simple way to avoid that extra expense and save you some money is to PLAN.

Now, I’ll admit, p-l-a-n is almost like a dirty four letter word for me. The thought of too much planning and organization stresses me out.  So I don’t always plan as much as some people, but ANY planning you do will help save you money.  Don’t freak out of all this planning seems like just too much for you.  Just do what you can and slowing work to do it more often and for more things.  If you’re the super organized type, you can probably plan for it all from the get go!

#1 Plan Your Shopping Trips

Before you go grocery shopping, shopping for household items, shopping for Christmas presents or anything else for that matter, make a list.

I’m serious.

Maybe you already do this. That’s great. I usually do too, but I can’t tell you how many times I find myself going off to the store without a list. Or making a list, then forgetting it at home or in the car.  Or maybe I wasn’t even planning on doing any shopping, but I find myself out with some time to kill before picking up a kid from an event, so I decide to get some shopping done.

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