"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"
-- Dr. Suess

Aloha and welcome to Crazy Mom Life! This site is dedicated to mamas who believe that normal is overrated, average and ordinary are easily forgotten, and crazy is actually a compliment.

I'm glad you found us here! Enjoy the site and make today amazing.

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Wordless Wednesday: Toddler Shenanigans

Who needs blocks when you have canned goods?
toddler tower building

So excited about his new slippers he wanted to take a picture with them…

Ever notice that I’m not so great with the “Wordless” part of Wordless Wednesdays? Oops

Lastest News

easter drive down the coast

Easter Sunday Weekend Ramble

What's a Weekend Ramble you say? It's that post I have to do when I have so much to say from the week that I can't even begin to think of how to break it into separate posts so I'm just lumping it into one "wrap up" post if you will :) Here … [Read More...]

quizzing your kids?

Are You Guilty of Quizzing Your Kids?

Are you guilty of constantly quizzing your kids?  I never realized just how much I did it, nor how much they don't care for it until I read this article.  In it, Christina Pilkington lays out some guidelines for what to do when your children ask … [Read More...]

Unschooling Practice Day 1

I'm seriously contemplating taking my 9-year-old son out of the traditional school system. He's never excelled in it and it seems his teacher has concerns about his further progress next year. I've thought about unschooling before, when my oldest … [Read More...]

What a difference a month can make

Last month I was smack dab in the middle of one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced in my life. A lot of pain a lot of adversity all piled up at once, one of those, when it rains it pours situations. Everything seemed so hard. A month … [Read More...]

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