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-- Dr. Suess

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Are You Guilty of Quizzing Your Kids?

quizzing your kids?
Are you guilty of constantly quizzing your kids?  I never realized just how much I did it, nor how much they don’t care for it until I read this article.  In it, Christina Pilkington lays out some guidelines for what to do when your children ask question.  I think I broke just about every rule.

After reading the article, I learned Christina probably has the right approach.  You see, before this I tried “testing” to see if my almost 4-year-old son knew any colors.  I thought it was a good idea to ask your kids lots of questions, but turns out I’ve been doing it wrong!

In the past, when it came to colors, I’d talk about colors on our clothing and ask my son, “What color is your shirt?” Or “What color is mommy’s shirt?”

Never did he give me a response I wanted to hear.  I wasn’t even sure he understood the concept of colors.
mega blocksThen the other day, while he played with big lego type blocks, I got to see that he actually DOES know colors.

As he played, he ended up looking at me and holding up blocks in each hand asking which one he should add to his tower next.  Instead of pointing, I’d say a the color for one of the blocks in his hand (red, orange, blue, or yellow). EVERY single time, he added the correct block to his tower.  I had no idea he knew any of those colors!  I highly doubt if I had asked him, “What color is this block?” that he wouldn’t given me the “correct” answer.

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