"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"
-- Dr. Suess

Aloha and welcome to Crazy Mom Life! My name is Stacie and I'm a big family mama on a journey of letting go of other's opinions and doing more and more of what works for me and my family.

Wanna join me? We can get real together :)

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Clarity About Business, Family, and Enough

clarity comes from letting go

Gosh, I feel so much shifting going on this year. The epiphanies and clarity coming through are amazing and almost scary at times.

As you may know, we started unschooling this year.

As we dove into that, I put online “business” on the back burner to really focus on my kids and family and learning and applying the concepts of unschooling.

During that time I also began to accept that what I love most and what I cherish most (my family, seeing my kids grow, cherishing them, and being a mom) is *enough*.

I’ve always felt like I was chasing after something in online business, like I had to prove I could be a “successful” stay at home mom with great kids AND bring in money too. I guess that means I wanted to prove I could be a great WAHM.

It’s funny, because when I think of the term “WAHM” it does nothing for me. It’s not something I think about and go, “Oh yeah! That’s what I want to be!”  I actually think of that term and go ,”Yuck, that sounds like work.”

What I’ve learned about myself is that all I really WANT to be is a SAHM.

That I LOVE celebrating and enjoying each milestone in my kids’ life. I love being there. Even if what I’m excited about means NOTHING to anyone else, it doesn’t matter. My kids new discoveries and new skills and their abundant joy, happiness, and love plus a husband to share that all with FILLS ME UP!

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